Visit Dubai Now by Google Street View

Dubai is home of tallest buildings, seven star hotels and largest mall of the world. Previously street view was not available for arab countries but now google street view will be available for arab countries starting with Dubai.

Announced via official blog post of Google maps that dubai is the first arab city to be added to Google Street View. Now you can take the virtual tour of Dubai and visit famous areas of dubai right from your home.
Google have started to take street view earlier this year but due to editing and other issues have not made it available early. Google regional director of Middle east, Mohammad Mourad wrote

” Dubai is the home of World’s tallest towers, largest malls and the only seven star hotels. Starting today we have added virtual tour of Dubai, the first city to in Arab countries to be added to Google Maps “

Google street view covers almost all famous areas like Sheikh Zayad Road, The Dubai Mall and other places. You can also view the roads maps, look around and move from one place to another with directions on Street View.

You can not only do that but you can visit the inner place of areas like Palm Jumeirah or visit the beach section or swimming pools of these place by Google street view. Certainly you cannot view everything but to limited extent you can view the inner areas of these places.

Street view is very simple, Just place open Google Maps in your browser or app and take the navigator icon to any road and leave it. It will start showing you the street view of any place listed on Maps.

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