Can I Get Verified Paypal Account in Pakistan?


Paypal is global payment service to receive and send money to anyone in the world. Unfortunately it is not working in Pakistan due to rumors that there are high frauds rate.There are some frauds that we have heard but that does not mean that we all are fraud.

People in Pakistan also need and are willing for a secure payment solution that is trusted worldwide. A very big majority of people are still willing to get a paypal account so as get their payments from many world wide countries. There is very high amount of business that is waiting for Paypal in Pakistan and I think they should not believe in these rumors and start working with Pakistan so that people of Pakistan could also get benefit.


Well today i am going to share the way that i discovered for getting a verified paypal account in Pakistan. Yes it is possible but I also believe that this is not legal way so use it at your own risk.

Following is the step by step guide to get a verified paypal account in Pakistan.

  • Go to Payoneer website and Register an account with your name email address and other required details to get a Verified Master Card. (You can Earn with me $25 via referral)
  • After your card arrives to you (Approx. 20 days)
  • Go to Paypal website.
  • Register an account with your name email address and other required details.
  • For country choose India or China if any available.
  • Type your card details same as available.
  • Register yourself by submission.
  • You have got your verified Paypal account in Pakistan.

In order to verify Paypal deduct 1$ 0r 2$ from your card so you must have about 5$ or equivalent amount in your Payoneer account for successful submission.

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Has anyone used Auction Essistance to verify their PayPal account?