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Any PC which is equipped with Antivirus programs is considered more safe then that of those which do not have any Antivirus program or software. Avast 2014, one of the most efficient, comprehensive and the most downloaded antivirus software, have made this possible to block, delete and remove any kind of Virus that affects the files on the computer. 

Key Features:

Some of most distinct features that Avast is equipped with are given below:
  • Simple Interface
    Let you move through features at ease.
  • Fast Processing
    Helps to increase PC performance as well as itself.
  • More Scanning Options
    It have 5 new ways to scan and removes viruses and malware file by file.
  • Customizable Home
    Now you can customize your home page of Avast and add your favourite features to use them easily.
  • Background Working
    Being able to work in background does not let it overcoming PC. 
  • Boot Scanner
    Avast is the only antivirus which have boot scanner that efficiently removes virus without disturbing your files on PC.
  • Keeping you updated
    Avast keeps updating its software from time to time which protects your PC from new, more illicit and damaging virus, malware, spyware and other hazardous programs
  • Web-Reputation Plugin
    Helps you to check whether or not any website is safe to visit. Blocks all the internet phishing viruses and other malware.
  • Software Updater
    Helps other software to get latest and update
The most beneficial feature of Avast Antivirus is that it is FREE for non-commercial use which makes it different from rest of the software programs which gives trials in start and then after some time ask you to upgrade and purchase license. 

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Following are some of the awards given by famous websites

There are many other more – list here

Android App:

Recently, Avast have also launched its android application which is free and that makes avast another unique software developers. This app is currently being rated 4.5 star at Google Play Store
There are also other app which can be downloaded to make your mobile phone secure and safe like 
  • Mobile Backup
    Gives your mobile a cloud backup to store important files
  • Secureline VPN
    Makes your connection anonymous  
  • Avast Ransomware Removal
    Removes Simplocker Malware from mobile
  • Anti-Theft
    Keep your mobile safe by tracking and controlling device remotely incase of theft or snatching.

Premium Features:

Heading up in the way avast also offer wide range of Premium features includes 
  • Secureline VPN
    Gives your device an anonymous name and help you to keep your working private and secure.
  • Grime Fighter
    Comparatively new but very bold feature that helps you to keep your system free from bugs and registry error and other issues.
  • Easy Pass
    Like Hp Simplepass keeps your credit cards information safe and adds it at one click to purchases
  • Backup
    Keeps your system with a secure backup to get back in case of loss


With such a large number of features, every person will want to get this software. So download now!

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