Tired of using Windows 7 on laptops/notebook, Its time to upgrade it to Windows 8. Its really simple and just by doing some easy steps you can install it. 

Read this guide below in link and other guide to understand how to install Windows 8 on HP 1000 laptop by Shahbaz Sharif

Read this link to install Windows 8 on HP 1000 Notebook by Shahbaz Sharif: How to Install Windows 8 On Laptop With Pictures

Important Note for HP 1000 Notebook:

HP 1000 Notebook by Shahbaz Sharif is compatible with Windows 8 and it can automatically run it without further updates so you can follow the above procedure and you just need a windows 8 cd to easily install it.

Dell Inspiron N4050 Laptop:

Do you have dell inspiron n4050 laptop by shahbaz sharif ? If yes read this Guide line : 

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