Previously its been a big issue that you are not able to pay to Facebook and Google Ads via UBL Cards especially UBL Wiz Visa Debit Card. UBL cards are only accepted by certain websites across world as UBL says its security policy does not allow facebook ads as secure to pay.

UBL Wiz Cards were the first Credit/Debit Card that were introduced in Pakistan for Global usage across world. These has been adopted by many people in Pakistan due to simplicity and less chargeability. Initially they were not fully functional on all website as they UBL claims to provide more security. 

Due to this a new issue arise that if UBL Cards does not work on these platform then how can someone advertise their website or pages on Facebook and Google. So including me, lot of people started to look for other options. Recently after launch of MCB Lite Card to compete the banking market, UBL seems to have changed its policy (not yet confirm). 

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Now you can use your UBL Wiz Visa Debit Card on Facebook and other platforms. It could also be due to shift in policy of Facebook as they also have recently changed the method of VISA services. Previously you have to provide full address but you do not have to. 

Personal Experience:

I have tested my UBL Travellers Card and also ACCA Wiz Card on Facebook and other social platform and i can guarantee you that these are fully functional and are able to pay any dues from these card in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar Currency (not tested others). While you must know that charges are different for each of them.