Islamabad High Court Issued Orders to De-seal Jazz Head Office

De-seal Jazz Office

Islamabad High Court orders to FBR to De-seal Mobilink Jazz head office in Islamabad earlier on Thursday. The office got sealed yesterday on account of non-payment of Income-tax of Rs. 25 Billion.

Today in the hearing of the case, Islamabad High Court ordered FBR to de-seal the office and let the company continue its operations smoothly to provide its services to millions of customers in the country. Islamabad High Court further ordered FBR to submit the compliance report to the registrar of the court.

Jazz has been a defaulter of income tax¬† for the year 2018 and in-response of their negligence got sealed on Wednesday by FBR. A recovery notice was given to the company that was challenged by the company in IHC. Today in hearing the IHC observed that the company did not get enough time to respond to the notice. The notice reached the company at 12:09 PM while the notice from FBR demanded recovery till 1:00 PM so the company had only 50 minutes to respond which doesn’t seem like enough time.

The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) also gave their views as dismay and shockto the incident of sealing one of the largest cellular company in the country.Mr. Haroon Rashid, President OICCI stated:

“Abrupt and unjustified action like this will go against the declared emphasis of the senior leadership of the government towards the Ease of Doing Business and facilitating the large inflow of FDI, for harnessing the massive economic growth opportunities, promote export and employment”

The decision made by FBR faced a lot of criticism from the business community which says that this action can send a very negative impact on potential foreign investors for Pakistan.

After the orders from IHC, Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue Islamabad orders to immediately de-seal Jazz head office in Islamabad so the company can continue to operate without any further interruption to provide cellular services to its customers.

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