Google Maps Now Shares the Battery Percentage of Your Phone

Google Maps

Google Maps will now let you share in real time the percentage of remaining battery on your Smartphone with your contacts. It was discovered by AndroidPolice. Now, the “location sharing” feature will automatically show the percentage of your battery in addition to where you are at that moment.

The company told Android Police “Now, sharing your location also shares your battery level” they reported. According to them, this new feature was in process from few months.

This is a new feature you will not miss which will also be useful. It will show, why your correspondent does not answer on time. In this sense, it will also be a way of being reassured since you will be informed.

To use the new update, simply go to the side menu of the Google Maps app and select “Location Sharing”. You then click on “Start” and select how long you want to share your location with other person. In the end, choose the person with whom you want to share your location and click on share.

In addition, this sharing is automatic, so it is impossible to share its position without sharing the percentage of remaining battery. However, this new option is still being deployed so it may not be available on your smartphone yet. The battery indicator will then be displayed at your contact at the same time as your location.

Parents are usually interested in knowing the location of child, it will be very helpful for them as they will be also be updated with the battery time. If the battery is low, the parent can warn him to hurry home to avoid being outside, without the ability to call or send a message.

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Some people will find it a little bizarre, other people will find it great and helpful. Each side can have a different argument according to their need, that’s for sure.

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