Apple Just Became The World’s 1st Trillion Dollar Company

Trillion Dollar

Apple, the Cupertino Company is the first American company to reach a market value of 1 trillion dollar. A performance made possible by the excellent financial results recorded by Apple in the third quarter of the present economic year.

According to The New York Times infographics, this is more than the accumulated values ​​of the entire US entertainment and media industry, including Disney, Netflix, Comcast and AT & T around $ 956 billion.

This symbolic course was crossed when the action reached around 15H50 GMT the price of 207.05 dollars on Wall Street. Since yesterday, Apple is now the first US Company to brag a stock market of 1 trillion dollar. Before Apple in 2007, only PetroChina, the largest oil group in China managed to achieve this rank.

The Company reached such a peak, the financial results are higher than the estimates of analysts and Apple’s own goals. At its highest level, Apple’s stock was worth 207.39 dollars. Apple does not seem ready to lose its title as many analysts expect a fourth quarter just as excellent as the previous one.

On the stock market since 1980, Apple has not always been so successful, even going bankrupt in the 1990s. But the group has benefited from the success of its iPod, iPad and iPhone and all the services associated with it. It has since been posting record performances quarter after quarter.

Here are some elements of comparison to get the idea of this rank. If Apple were a country, and its stock market value represented its GDP, it would rank 17th in the world’s richest countries in 2017, just behind Indonesia $ 1,011 billion, but ahead of Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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Finally, Apple is almost as good as the four major US banks. On the other hand, Tim Cook’s business still has a way to go to exceed the cumulative values ​​of Microsoft, Google and Amazon worth $ 2,546 billion

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