Ali Asghar and Yawar Yasin appointed as Member compliance and Member Technical at PTA


Interim Prime Minister Justice Nisarul Mulk presided a meeting on Friday of Federal Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office. The purpose of the meeting is to appoint Member technical and Member compliance and enforcement for a period of three months until the new Government form and take charge of the federal office.

In the meeting, Yawar Yasin has been elevated to Member Technical whereas CH. Ali Asghar acts as a Member of Compliance and Enforcement at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). It comprises three members which are Technical, Finance and Compliance, one of these members appointed as Chairman of authority. Mr. Muhammad Naveed, who was hired as the member of Finance back in March by the Federal cabinet, Presently he is the acting Chairman of the Authority.

Muhammad Naveed is a chartered accountant by profession, and before this post, he was associated with Alcatel Lucent for 18 years. Then he maintained CFO position for several Alcatel Lucent for the past ten years and had been working for both Saudi Arab and Pakistan. Usually member technical is the Chairman of PTA, but somehow the government has arranged a new finance member and make him acting chairman for three months. Whereas federal cabinet advertised vacancy for regular Member finance.

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After Dr. Ismail Shah, Mr. Tariq Sultan and Mr. Abdul Samad completed their working tenure at PTA, vacancies for other members just created, for this Federal cabinet conducted several interviews with eligible candidates to select them for the required position. Both Mr. Yawar Yasin and Ch. Ali Asghar was serving as the DGs of their respective department, but after today’s appointment, they have been assigned new ranks. Both are long-serving, experienced officials who properly understands the workflow at PTA.



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