Ufone Introduced UWatch for Your Kids Security


Ufone introduces UWatch to help parents to keep in touch with their children anytime. Ufone’s UWatch is designed to keep the kids connected with parents without the need of smartphone. This wearable watch is quite a mid range gadget with excellent features.

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  • Real Time tracking
    – Real-time tracking technology helps parents to know the exact location of children by connecting directly to the UWatch app on their smartphone.
  • Dual Calling feature
    – It has two way voice calling functionality through which either parents can dial to UWatch or children can dial to parents mobile numbers easily.
  • Emergency Calling and Others
    – Emergency SOS Calling (Kids to Parents),Safe zones /Danger zones(defined by parents),Safe list calling,Tracking History Playback(for up to 90 days),
  • Remote Turn On/Turn Off Function
    – children cannot turnoff watch and whenever they remove watch an alert is sent to UWatch app
  • Battery time
    – Battery Timing is up to 2 days


The UWatch is available in 3 COLORS i.e Blue,Black and Pink.

How to Use?

  • Firstly buy a UWatch from nearest Ufone Customer Service Center.
  • The UWatch can then be activated on a Ufone SIM through a UWatch smartphone app.
  • The SIM in the watch will be referred to as a ‘child SIM’. The one in the parent’s smartphone will be referred to as the ‘parent SIM’.
  • An annual subscription package will be activated on the ‘child SIM’, whereas all charges will be deducted from the ‘parent Ufone SIM’.
  • The UWatch app for android smartphones can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.


Price of Uwatch is Rs 6,999/watch.

Subscription charges and other details:

  • Total charges including tracking, minutes, SMS, MBs, taxes and all other chargers) are Rs. 3000/year.
  • After paying the annual subscription charges, free resources including 100 minutes Ufone to Ufone, 100 MBs and 2000 SMS will be given every month for a year.
  • After the consumption of free monthly resources, charges of Rs.2+tax/min for all voice calls, Rs.20+tax/MB and Re 1+tax/SMS will apply.
  • For parents with more than 1 kid, Multiple profiles can be made for each kid having a UWatch to stay connected and monitored.

“At Ufone, we maintain an unwavering focus on our customers’ needs and convenience with innovation being at the forefront of everything we do. The UWatch is a prime example of that as it offers a very unique and innovate way of keeping families connected,” said Taimur Faiz Cheema, Ufone’s General Manager Marketing.

“We are proud to be the first telecom company in Pakistan to launch a breakthrough product like the UWatch and we are confident this will bring some much needed relief to the parents.”

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