Hum TV Website Hacked Again for Airing Vulgar Dramas

Hum TV Website Hacked

Hum tv Website Hacked Again by hackers group named ” Pakistan Cyber Attackers ” on our Defence Day – 6 September 2015 in protest against vulgarity that is being aired at local channels like hum tv. 

Hackers have hacked the homepage of hum tv official website i.e which was offline till we are published this news. This hack is a protest against vulgarity aired by local channels

In their message (see picture below), they wrote that vulgarity and semi nudity by local channels in Dramas, Morning Shows, Music Programs, Commercial Ads and even Funny programs is increasing day by day which must be curbed.

Also In their message they also criticized PEMRA for not noticing and taking action to ban this type of dramas etc in Pakistan. They stated that they are blind and deaf and also stated that they should take action against these channels. 

They also mentioned about the recent event which a 16 years old boy shot a girl and then himself done suicide saying that these are the effects of this kind of immorality.

They also mentioned 3 clips as an example of the vulgarity. In the end they mentioned the name of team members and also congratulated admin for saving 99% database of its website. Below is the screenshot of Hum TV homepage hacked by Hackers.

Hacked Page Hum TV
Screenshot of Hacked Homepage Hum TV. Taken from ProPakistani

Below is screenshot from Google showing hackers statement.

Hum TV Google Screenshot

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