Zong introduced 3G Mifi & 4G Wingle Devices

After Warid introduced its 4G Mifi devices, Zong also have launched its 3G Dongles, Mifi, Wingle and 4G Wingle devices for its customers. Together with these devices they also introduced 4G router devices for its corporate customers.

All these devices are compatible to connect with PC, Laptop and USB port chargers. 

Super 3G Dongles:

Zong 3G dongles are specifically made for PC or laptops. Its just a plug and play device that is made for 1 sole connection for individual. Following are the packages that are offered for purchase of 3G dongles
  • Starter: 2GB monthly+2GB Free = Rs 2650
  • Bronze: 4GB monthly+4GB Free = Rs 2950
  • Silver: 10GB monthly+10GB Free = Rs 3800
  • Gold: 20GB monthly+20GB Free = Rs 4800
  • Platinum: 30GB monthly+30GB Free = Rs 5800
To be noted here that these above monthly limits are consumed together with free GB based on your packages. This free GB are available only for 3 months.

Super 3G Wingles:

Zong 3G Wingles are made for PC, Laptops, Mobile and Tablets. Its also a plug and play device that support 10 devices. Following are the packages that are offered for purchase of 3G Wingles
  • Starter: 10GB monthly + 10GB free = Rs 3500
  • Gold: 20GB monthly + 20GB free = Rs 4500
  • Platinum: 30GB monthly + 30GB free = Rs5500

Super 3G Mifi Plans:

Following are the packages of Mifi Plans
  • Starter: 2GB monthly + 2GB = Rs 4850
  • Bronze: 4GB monthly + 2GB = Rs 5150
  • Silver: 10GB monthly + 10GB = Rs 6000
  • Gold: 20GB monthly + 20GB = Rs 7000
  • Platinum: 30GB monthly +30GB = Rs 8000

4G LTE Routers:

For corporate customers Zong introduced 4G LTE Routers which also supports 10 devices and are available from Franchise upon request. These are also plug and play devices.
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