PTA Blocked SMS Donations for SKMCH Peshawar

To build another Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) in Peshawar by the end of this year, Imran Khan together with celebrities around country and staff of Hospital started a more than 2 hours Telethon on Ary Entertainment Television to boost the donation process.

The task was simple, collection of 1 billion Rupees which during this telethon was achieved more than half of it. As to do our part in the process, our team has placed a banner which directs to SKMCH website which not only guide methods of donation but also collects online payments.
Unfortunately during this sit-in it was bring into notice of sitting team and Imran Khan that one of easiest method of donation, by SMS service, is blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). For which Imran Khan had warned during telethon to PTA chairman for taking step to remove this blockage as he said it is for charity purpose.
After this till today thousand of donors across country reported that this SMS service is still blocked and people are not able to donate via this easiest donation service. In reaction to this PTA did not issued any statement in favor or against it and also reason are still unknown to SKMCH team as they have checked their technical issues further.

SMS Service Details:

SMS donation service is very simple. Just go to Message app of your mobile and send a blank SMS to 7770 to donate Rs 20 exclusive of taxes to SKMCH charity. 

Your Opinion Poll:

Tell us your opinion about this blockage of SMS donations service. Leave your opinion in comment box below. 
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