UBL Wiz Prepaid Visa Debit Cards Review: Pros and Cons

United bank (pvt)Ltd (UBL) had launched Wiz Card in 2009. Wiz card is Prepaid VISA debit card which provides  the convenience, security and benefits of an ATM and Debit Card, locally and internationally.

It is reloadable VISA debit card that had solved the problem of purchasing online from Pakistan. It comes in 4 types listed below:
  • Travelers / Internet Card
  • Ladies Card
  • Teens Card
  • ACCA Card
Internet card is specifically made for internet transactions and has more limits while rest of card also have that facility but to a limited extent. ACCA Card is made for ACCA Students so that they can pay their fees online in collaboration with ACCA.

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With UBL Wiz Prepaid Visa Debit Card you will get following benefits
  • Make online purchases anytime
  • Shop from any branded outlet
  • Use it as your ATM card
  • Anyone can purchase it (a valid CNIC or B.form holder)
  • Use it anywhere in Pakistan
  • Reloadable from any UBL branch
  • Can be reloaded from UBL Netbanking
  • Free e-statement facility, balance check (UBL ATM only) and mini statement
  • No annual charges
  • Long expiration date


As always everything is not perfect so is Wiz Card
  • Link down issue is usual with Wiz Card which means that you cannot deposit your money within that time. 
  • May not accepted globally.
  • High online conversion transaction cost of about 3% of total payment amount and also bank charges of about 300.
  • POS usage daily limits are also sometime problem for users.
  • Card issuance delay is also another problem in some branches.

Charges and Fees:

Following are the charges and fees applicable to Wiz Card

  • Card issuance fee: 150+FED NOTE: No issuance fee for initial deposit of 10000
  • Transaction Fee 15 Rs on all link 1 ATM except UBL
    Transaction Fee 15 Rs on all link other ATM
  • International Usage:
    ATM withdrawal: 3.0% of transaction amount
    Online Purchases: 3.5% of transaction amount
  • Session Activation Charges: 100 (Only not on Wiz Internet)
  • Wiz Refund Charges: 100+FED

Cards Limits:

Internet / Travelers Wiz Card

Max balance Allowed: 200000
ATM Withdrawal/day: 40000
POS Usage/day: 100000
Internet Usage/day: 100000
IBFT Limit/day: 50000

Ladies Wiz Card

Max balance Allowed: 50000
ATM Withdrawal/day: 25000
POS Usage/day: 50000
Internet Usage/day: 25000
IBFT Limit/day: 25000

Teens Wiz Card

Max balance Allowed: 20000
ATM Withdrawal/day: 20000
POS Usage/day: 20000
Internet Usage/day: 10000
IBFT Limit/day: 10000

ACCA Wiz Card

Max balance Allowed: 200000
ATM Withdrawal/day: 40000
POS Usage/day: 100000
Internet Usage/day: 100000

Wiz Reload:

Its simple, use UBL Netbanking from Wallet Card or use UBL ATM to reload your Wiz card or go to UBL branch and fill REMITTANCE form to reload your Wiz Card.
Leave 1st 6 digits and last 2 digits of your ATM card and this will be your account number for Deposit.

Our Verdict:

It is a good card and also don’t have any yearly charges and is also good for bloggers as it works on facebook and google.
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Bilal khan

i don’t have UBL account. can i have wiz card of UBL?

Wasim Sohail

Wiz internet card is not available anymore. My card is expired and it can not be even renewed.


how i check remaining balance in my wiz internet card?

Atif ali

Can i use to this Wiz card for google adwords campaigns.?


i want to know can i attach my internet wiz card with my skrill account to upload into my skrill account and with draw in it from skrill to my wiz card??? plz answer it soon so i go and buy it…


Sir main Pakistan k shehr Hyderabad sy wabasta hun wiz card sy main Skrill per dollars main funds transfer kar skhta hon Kya tell….me


Does this card work on facebook for advertising?

abdul basit

can i withdraw money in us dollars with ubl wiz card


hello sir,
i am uploading money to skrill but wiz card cannot perform the action.before two days i upload money to skrill its working but now now.. why it happen like that plz helpme.


I’m UBL wiz card holder. The problems are:
1. For the past 5 or so transactions I did not receive any SMS telling me about card use and balance available.
2. Is there a way that allows me to go online to check this.

Thank you and Happy new 2018.
Dr. Habib Khan, PhD (Harvard)


can i apply for wiz internet card for students and can i use it for google play store and inapp purchases


Yes online shoping and playstore all over internet locally and internationally

Mubashir Shah


Can we use it for receiving any invoice coming from another country?

I’d love hearing a prompt response!


muhammad qasim

aoa can i send 107 euro to Ukraine university account to receive my invitation latter. by ubl wiz card