TSMC virus attack caused delay in new iPhone and multiple components shipments


On August 3, TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry based in Taiwan, China, that produces and supplies components for companies like AMD, Apple, Nvidia, and Qualcomm. It suffered a sudden virus attack and caused the production line. Apple processor manufacturing and delivery may also be affected.

TSMC confirmed that the attack will affect about 3% of revenue in the third quarter, which is likely to be reduced by $250 million to $260 million.

According to the report, the virus attack occurred on August 3. Within a few hours, TSMC’s multiple chip manufacturing plants in Taiwan were attacked and several production lines had to be temporarily suspended. The company has already controlled the virus and found a solution.

The company first denied the possibility of hacking at that time, and blamed it on “employees mishandled during the software installation of new tools.”

The multiple production lines and factories of the company have been attacked by viruses in the past, but the degree of impact varies. But this is a very rare virus attack in semiconductor manufacturing companies around the world. The attack on TSMC equipment is the ransomware Wannacry. The specific phenomenon is the computer blue screen, which locks various documents and databases.

According to TSMC, in the process of installing software for a new equipment, a misoperation occurred, causing a virus outbreak, but when the device was connected to TSMC’s LAN, the virus began to spread to other devices.

The company also said that commercial confidential data or data integrity has not been compromised in this virus attack, and the company has taken more security measures to make up for the vulnerability.

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It is not known whether the virus maker or hacker has filed a blackmail amount with TSMC. The impact statement issued by the company yesterday, claims that the company will return to normal today.

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