The New MacBook Pro comes with a quieter Keyboard

MacBook Pro

Apple has now brought in new upgrades in the latest MacBook Pro laptops. The new 13-inch and 15-inch Pro laptops have quieter keyboards with the top touch bars which receive significant updates as both of the models are available in the USA for purchase but the non-touch bar model have not been upgraded.

The 15-inch model comes with six-core Intel i9 processor with 32 GB of RAM and 4TB of storage Whereas the 13-inch model supports a quad-core setup with either i5 or i7 chips, 16 GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. Prices of both the products are set at $2399 and $1799 respectively.

Moving on to the most talked feature of new MacBook Pro which is quieter keyboards it is not totally silent but has a less metallic and clacky sound, on a whole, it produces less sound while typing. Both Macbooks keyboard has upgraded to butterfly mechanism, besides, Apple’s T2 chip-based coprocessor also supports Touch ID, and Siri feature. A few months earlier Apple had received some issues with its butterfly keyboard as reported by the users, however, the company does offer a replacement program.

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Now Apple didn’t change the fundamental butterfly design and a clip can very easily break if this happens it means to replace a key requires to replace the whole top deck. The new laptops screens have incorporated with True Tone display technology which automatically adjust the screen’s color temperature according to the environment.

Apple has shifted the storage chips from LPDDR3 to DDR4 RAM, the shift in the chips could affect the battery life of the laptop, according to experts. But to counter this problem Apple has increased the battery capacity by 7.7 watts as doing so it maintained the battery life with an average of the previous models.

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