Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with three massive upgrades

Galaxy Note 9

Reportedly Samsung confirms major upgrades related to Galaxy Note 9, though, no news is on the board when the company releases this new flagship phone. The news comes from a series of commercial advertisements posted by Korean giant on Youtube and other Social Mediums, the commercial encoded with a message; A lot can change in a day.

If we talk about the upgrades which Galaxy Note 9 acquires first comes the bigger storage, yes you read it right as the new flagship models will have a variant of 512 GB. From quite a while speculations have been roaming around regarding large storage which is later confirmed by the company. The ad portrays a user is facing problems of not having enough storage so she went on deleting data to make space. This might be the great shift if we look at Samsung’s less storage policy since the Galaxy S6 launch.

S6 didn’t support MicroSD card and it reintroduced in S7, while the new Galaxy S9 offers 400 GB expandable storage, plus it does support MicroSD card, support for 1 TB cards is also present. So in future users won’t suffer from fewer storage problems.

Before purchasing Smartphone users prefer a phone with large battery timings, Samsung understands the user’s difficulties and introduced a 4,000 mAh battery in Galaxy Note 9. It is the largest amount of a battery capacity to be installed in a Smartphone, we can say that’s the new high for Samsung new flagship phone.

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The third thing which Samsung is willing to enhance is the Phone’s performance, Sometimes the phone hangs up while using it. Therefore, the company focus to solve this problem by introducing 8GB RAM in the phone for fast processing coupled with Snapdragon 845 chipset, No doubt that the set will move smooth and faster.

Apart from these changes, Samsung is going to increase prices for Note 9 if rumors are to believed. It is anticipated that the price start from $999 for the base model goes higher to $1199 for the high-end variant with 512 GB storage.

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