Apple has changed the keyboard of MacBook Pro to better fight against dust


The iFixit site has found a silicone membrane under the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro and ensures that it is the new escape in Apple MacBook against the incrustation of dust or crumbs. The Cupertino Company took a long time to admit that there was a problem with the keyboards of its MacBook Pro faced with growing discomfort of users.

Apple has designed last month to set up a repair program to correct the concerns that affect a small percentage of keyboards in some models of MacBook and MacBook Pro. Refurbish professionals of iFixit spaced out one of the keyboards of the new £1,749-plus laptops to check the new changes about what Apple calls its new third-generation butterfly device under the keys.

The site iFixit also mentioned that Apple has also taken action on the keyboards of its latest generation MacBook Pro. Under each key on the keyboard, the site has discovered a silicone membrane that blocks crumbs and dusts particles. The goal is, obviously, to prevent them from infiltrating under the keyboard and hinder the proper operation of the keys.

The company previously applied for rights of a scheme for “ingress prevention for keyboards” made to block dust and debris from getting under keys that interestingly resembles the silicone barrier that is found in the MacBook by the site. Apple also said that this version is not designed to deal with the dust but later accepted the report, they also said that at least in some conditions, users can have issues with fragments rendering keys which will not be easy to handle.

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This accessory is very similar to the patent released by Apple last March that presented various methods to protect keyboards against unwanted intruders. The other advantage of this silicone membrane is that it has made typing quieter. It is an insignificant bonus for all those who work in open space.

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