Uber introduced uberMoto bike-hailing service in Lahore


After careem bike service uber also launches motorbike service in Pakistan. UberMoto is initially started in Lahore but with the passage of time more cities will be added further.

Uber is renowned globally and operates in several countries to provide best and affordable cab experience. It has always offered cheap price rate on which you can travel easily to distant places.

UberMoto service was available in many countries already and have just started in Pakistan too. It aims to provide even cheaper rates than Uber Rickshaw, UberAuto. Moreover, it made traveling safer because Uber company acquires all data of drivers so there is no need to worry about traveling alone.

Few of precautionary measure you will enlightened about traveling on bike, it will be listed and recommended when you book a ride on it and Uber also provide helmet in order to ensure safety of passengers.

Uber and other transport services are also making employment opportunities, people equipped with car, bike or rickshaw can take advantage, vehicle owner can hire driver if they do not wish to drive it.

Motorbikes are a fundamental part of Pakistan’s transportation network and as such this is a great opportunity to launch uberMOTO, which will provide more mobility options catered to the needs of people in Pakistan. uberMOTO continues to support our commitment to provide affordable safe and reliable means of transportation while also creating additional job opportunities in Pakistan.” Safee Shah, General Manager, Uber

Furthermore its easily accessible as you just have to download app, add your drop off location, choose ubermoto and it will hail a ride for you, with minimum fare of just 36 rupees.

Fare Structure for UberMOTO:

Base Fare Per Mile Per Minute Minimum Fare
Rs. 23 Rs. 7 Rs. 1 Rs. 36
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