Can I Unblock Youtube without Proxy in Pakistan?

Its been long since youtube was banned in Pakistan due to blasphemous content released on it. After a huge protest started in cities, Govt of Pakistan took action against it blocked it for unknown time.

Govt took a good action at that time and blocked the youtube so that it cannot be assessed but you know has become a need of time as lot of videos are being shared every minute. Lots of knowledge, new researches and fastly changing technology updates etc are also uploaded.
So in order to access youtube lot of people have started using VPN softwares like Hotspot Shield. No doubt it was fulfilling the need of people but as you know everything must have some drawbacks. Hotspot Shield have a very bad effect on PC speed and also there are lot connectivity issues. Internet speed is slowed down due to it and also lot of ads that are shown above your browsing.
In search of finding an alternative software or app that works seamlessly fine and does not affect your PC speed,I found a solution or method which helps a lot and is effective in Unlocking Secondly i heard that Google have removed those videos too. So it now time to unblock youtube.


In order to unblock Youtube you should do following steps


Following are the pros of this method
  • Its ads free
  • Does not slow down the PC speed
  • Works hassle free
  • Light and fast
  • Secure your PC


There are some issues with this process
  • It work only on Google Chrome
  • Connection disconnects sometimes.

Your words:

Congratulation if you were successful in opening youtube but if you were unsuccessful in the whole process please leave a message below in the box or Contact Us for further assistance.

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