3G 4G in Pakistan: What you need to Know? (FAQ’s)

3G and 4G network data services are to soon to be launched in Pakistan. So do their is a rise in the interest factor of end users. User want to know in detail about services, quality, packages, speed, cost, data usage policy and mobile phone which supports it.

So we have here prepared a list of FAQ’s that will help user to know about these 3G and 4G data network services. These list may not be accurate but we hope that you will find it helpful.

Which Operators are giving this service?

Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Zong are giving 3G service and 4G service consecutively while on the other hand Warid have NOT been bidding for this service.
While there are rumor that Warid is going to implement only 4G while it is confirm that if a company have to give 4G to its customers than it will have to purchase 3G license first. 
It is also heard that Warid is found to be defaulter of PTA but don’t worry Warid users, Warid will ultimately have to give this service in order to survive to competition.

Speed: How much is the speed for 3G or 4G? 

Talking about speeds of 3G/4G data network it already much more than that of at least 2G network means to say that its is better than that of GPRS, EDGE and others.
3G is considerably better technology which send data packets at high speed. On average about 200+ Kbps (download speed) at weak signal strength and as the signals are improved, ultimately the speeds are improved up to 3.9 Mbps while on the other hand upload speed ranges from 200+Kbps to 1.45 Mbps depending upon signals
When it comes to 4G data network service than you should know that this blazing hot new technology have already proved its worth in many countries of world and is now very famous in people all over world due to high speeds. The average download speed range from weak to high signals are 2.17 Mbps – 9.8 Mbps and the upload speed range is 1.0 Mbps – 5.8 Mbps.

In short we can summarize this as for Max Speeds

            Download       Upload

3G=    4 Mbps        1.5 Mbps  
4G=    10 Mbps      5.5 Mbps 

Availability: When will be 3G/4G service available?

Most probably all the mobile operators have already given 3G ready SIMs but they are waiting for approval of PTA and are currently in bidding process of launch which will be held online on 23 April on SMRA(auction) software. Govt of Pakistan and PTA have declared that this bidding will not be held physically due to privacy issues of companies.
As already told 4G network requires the purchase of 3G network first so 4G will be launched after the 3G network launch. How much time will be taken will depend upon the PTA policy. 
The expected launch to be heard from PTA is May or June 2014 for 3G and then after companies implement 4G system ultimately will launch 4G depend upon companies. Both 3G and 4G licenses are given simultaneously to companies upon successful bidding.

Packages: What are the packages?

As the user want to use the service at its own ease then they want to subscribe a package that suits their needs. Talking to private news channel Syed Ismail Shah have told that users will be provided with different packages for 3G network. Initially companies will introduce some packages generally like daily package, weekly package, monthly package etc. From time to time new packages will be launched depending upon mobile operator used.

Pricing: What is the price of a package?

Well this will depend upon companies strategy like market penetrating or market skimming. If they introduces high quality services then definitely they will charge more and vice verse. If they want to attract more users(usually followed in Pakistan) then they will have to reduce prices to get more customers. Ultimately it will depend upon the financial situation of mobile operators.

Editor Desk:

I think that launch of 3G and 4G should be as early as possible so as to gain more advantage of it. User of internet are keen to exited about it and so do I. So launch of these service is not only benefiting mobile opeartors but also to User who want to use it for personal or business purposes.

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