Which Mobile Operators Are Giving 3G/4G Service in Pakistan?

It is heard from about past 2 years that 3G and 4G will be launched in Pakistan but despite of fact that people want to use these data network services and have been waiting eagerly still PTA was delaying this issue.

Now after the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan in start of year 2014 have finally let the companies to launch these services. On april 23 the auction have been planned and after the sale of licences of 3G and 4G data network. 

The companies that are taking part in this bidding process are 

Waridtel.com have surprisingly not taken part in the bidding process for 3G and 4G license. It is reported that Warid have been found to be a defaulter of PTA in scrutiny process but still warid users should be upset as they will also take this services soon.

Ufone,Mobilink,Telenor is giving 3G services only while Zong is only network that has been giving 3G and 4G simultaneously.

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