Google Introduces “One Account. All of Google”

Google have combined its accounts sign-in pages of its products like gmail, other services.

One Account.All of Google

What is “One account. All of Google”?

Google have recently changed its interface for google products account and centralized it. This helps not only a single sign-in page but also logs you in multiple accounts at once like gmail, blogger, Google Plus and other services (If you have subscribed that service). You may some time “One Password. All of Google” too.
One Account. All of Google


Back in time when you have logged in to for checking email service then if you want to login to too then you have again give your password to login to that service. This was a hectic thing as user got disturbed as they have give password again and again to login to multiple services at once.
Now as this service is available you will be redirected to single login page and just by giving your email ID and password you will be logged in to Google services simultaneously like gmail Google plus and more.


Q: Do i need to upgrade to this service?
A: No, you don’t to manually upgrade to this service as Google is automatically upgrading this service for its users.
Q: Does it cost anything?
A: No, its does not cost anything. Its Free.
Q: Will i be able to use other services automatically?
A: Yes, you can use other services automatically if you have already subscribed that service.
Q: Can i revert back to old look?
A: Most probably No, the reason is that centralizing its services is more beneficial than using them individually.


In my opinion “One Account. All of Google” is greater step towards better service as this accounts centralization will help users to do their work fastly. This also save time and of course laptop battery too. 🙂
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