Ufone launched 3G Buckets for iPhone Customers

Ufone have already announced that it is accepting pre-orders for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch in Pakistan. Now they also have introduced 3G Offer separately for Apple iPhone customers too.

As per Ufone both these iPhones will be available in Pakistan from 11 December 2014. They can also be purchased from Ufone franchises too. Those customers who have pre-ordered will be able to get them in first shipment.

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Offer details:

Details of these buckets are as follows
  • Bucket 1:
    Quota: 3GB
    Validity: 1 month
    Cost: Rs 1000
  • Bucket 2:
    Quota: 5GB
    Validity:1 month
    Cost: Rs 1800
Both buckets have same throttle speed of 3Mbps.

Subscription Details:

To subscribe 3GB bucket, dial *7667#
To subscribe 5GB bucket, dial *7117#
To unsubscribe these offer you have to call 333.

Terms and Conditions:

Following are the terms and conditions of these buckets
  • These bucket are only for Prepaid Customers.
  • These buckets can be availed through iPhones only. However after subscribing you can use on other mobiles too.
  • Both buckets cannot be subscribed simultaneously.
  • Each bucket is valid for 1 month from date of subscription.
  • Throttle speeds for buckets is 3Mbps.
  • To check remaining data limit dial *706#
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