Vivo plans to introduce 5G smartphone by 2020


At mobile world congress Vivo announced its collaboration with “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative” at GTI summit in 2018. Their partnership begins in 2016 by setting up 5G research center in Beijing to gather well planned strategic advancements in 5G.

The “china mobile 5G device forerunner initiative” is an organization led by china mobile by bringing together topmost 20 capable and influential chipset manufacturer, part manufacturers and sponsors so that it will accomplish their  first 5G commercial smartphones.

Vivo deliberate to deliver pre-commercial 5G devices by 2019 and officially launches commercial smartphones by 2020.

“For Vivo, 5G is both an opportunity and a challenge as technology changes emerge more rapidly so the pace of market change is faster than ever. Continuous innovation is the only way to forge ahead in today’s dynamic era,” Mr. Shi senior vice president and Chief technology officer at vivo company. Furthermore its a startup plan and a new establishment in the world of technology by combining different teams work in order to initiate development of next generation 5G devices.

Vivo plans to extra efficient devices that will deliver high speed rate, low discontinuation and more bandwidth than previously made 3G and 4G connection. It assumes that it will act as hub of all the smart phone services with more modifications.The new 5G smartphone will scan and detect user behavior and also enabled personalized services.

Characteristics of 5G mobile phones:

  1. High data transfer Capacity
  2. More enhanced AR( augmented reality) and VR(virtual reality)
  3. Low rate of latency
  4. Deliver higher speed

To authorize this project Vivo has been working with Qualcomm to demonstrate how 5G will work and exhibit its power across a range of different frameworks.

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