Imran Khan Instagram Account Official Hacked

Imran Khan Instagram account hacked

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf, Imran Khan Instagram official account have been hacked today by some hacker who seems to be using the hack to turn users into a Bitcoin scam.

Hacker after hacking account has immediately put a story on the official Instagram account of Imran Khan with a thank you note to Elon Musk for some kind of Giveaway Screenshot with 3 BTC.

After hacking, Hacker put the link on Imran Khan official account to its website which looks like a SpaceX website with a banner that states some kind of Giveaway of BTC with a button to participate in the giveaway.

When visiting the link posted by the hacker it looks like a trading website for BTC website with a button to participate in the giveaway by Elon Musk.

It seems like the Official Instagram account has been recovered and the link or the stories that were published have been removed.

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