Biometric verification Vans of NADRA now used to identify unattended bodies

By Mehak Tariq
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Biometric verification

National database and registration authority (NADRA) proposed verification vans will now use to identified unattended, or unidentified dead bodies or patients from all over Government hospitals as well as mortuaries present across the province, according to the reports of local media. Biometric Verification vans were introduced by the Punjab police, Primary Health Care Department, and Specialised Health Department.

Yesterday, both the departments have issued a notice regarding the verification of unattended bodies because recently the mobile vans of NADRA installed with the biometric verification or data record system which were able to identify two unconscious people at Mayo hospital. After that, their family members have been traced and both of them handed over to the families.

If we look at statistics more than 450 unidentified dead people including mostly Childern and women are found dead in the different provincial capital police station, every year. And only two or three of them identified and being buried while the rest of deceased persons buried through Edhi Service, Ubair, Subhani Trust and other private welfare trusts in different graveyards.

Also, a number of unattended patients suffering from medical issues or disease mostly recused by 1122 or if not the passerby admit them to nearby hospitals. On the other hand, hospitals provide them the basic treatment and help those patients through the recovery process.

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Hospital sources said that in Past when an unverified deceased person admitted, the concerned authorities informed nearby police station. After taking the details the police officers left leaving the body behind in the hospitals. Now as per the law, the police officials should first take the picture of the person, spread it everywhere if someone comes to identify it, sent it in the newspaper, in case no one comes to claims then Police will bury them.

Though, Young Doctors Association (YDA) has appreciated this initiative by the health department which are working for the betterment of people.

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